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Since 1965


Passion and Innovation


Artisanal quality and great performance: The history of Novelli is a long and important one, made of growth and passion. The same passion we are still using today, like more 50 years ago, in the implementation of systems by the most advanced technologies without never loosing quality, instinct and attention, which are our most distinctive features. The existence of the unique cured meat factory in Europe completely independent from the production of hot water for heating produced by boiler confirms this: it makes use of the “RR” technology, Novelli’s Patent , and has a weekly production of 1300 q. It’s our pride, the result of our hard work, it’s my present for my father. Daniele Novelli.

From 1965 To 2006


In the 60s my father, Antonio Novelli, began his first experience in the company founded by Eng. Giuseppe Dell’Orto, dealing with the “industrial cooling” both in food and petrochemical sectors, with world-wide cutting-edge skills. Talent in planning and innovative construction methods allowed the company to achieve refrigerative solutions in which every single part was perfectly integrated into the system it-self. These were crucial years during which he worked in close contact with Eng. Luciano Dell’Orto, the founder’s son.

A crucial experience in the history of Novelli Antonio who, in 1965, decided it was the moment to start up his own company, focusing on all the sectors of industrial refrigeration, from ammonia systems to the most commercial Freon ones, collaborating with important companies of the national scenario such as Pirelli, Fiorucci and Bracco Liofilizzati.

Thanks to his competence and reliability, he gained a privileged position – soon unique – for the most important Italian food industries. It was just thanks to the collaboration with these realities that he could further finish his technique, finding his final vocation in the applications addressed to food industries. A far-sighted turning point after which we still are the leader company in the field of drying and aging of salamis and hams.

Our Strength


In the year 2006 the history of Novelli welcomes Daniele Novelli who substantially makes some changes to the business know how, but always respecting the profile based on the high quality of the systems.

During these years, the sector of industrial refrigeration systems deeply changes. Economic matters become more important than the supply it-self, thus opening a period of chase after lower prices, with less attention to quality: Dell’Orto’s systems seems to be hardly placed in the market.

The high cost of raw materials and energy are driving clients to revise these positions: a system with old-fashioned designing and implementation is undoubtedly more expensive during the implementing phase, but is cheaper with regard to maintenance and consumption, if compared to a commercial system. That is why, not only our systems have a life cycle longer than 20 years, unlike a commercial system which lasts 10 years at most, but the higher initial expense can be already covered in the first 4 or 5 years, thus guaranteeing to the client a great – and actual – long term saving. In 2015, Novelli Impianti is an independent and innovative enterprise from a technological point of view, thanks to a cutting-edge system of management and computerized automation. It carries out refrigeration systems perfectly integrated into the other business productive processes: state-of-the-art “industrial refrigeration”, as ever.

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