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PLC controller for refrigerating rooms are the compact and complete solution to control and manage all the processes making a computerized system fast and effective and they can be engineered in a flexible way in every moment through I/O units. These modular controllers can be used as high availability systems (fault tolerant) or safe from errors (fail safe): the touch screen controller software allows the monitoring of all the parameters of the room (temperature in the different areas of the room and in the products, relative humidity, oxygen and carbon dioxide concentration) and the command of the refrigeration system machineries. Their innovative design allows easy installation, water resistance and the possibility to install a power conductor or a switch disconnector.

Are you looking for a cutting-edge technological solution for an efficient PLC controller for refrigerating rooms and an unprecedented reliability in order to protect the quality of products and systems? Contact us and together we will enter the new era of industrial refrigeration systems.

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