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Turbo System


Construction and installation of drying systems for salamis and hams by ”RR” full heat recovery: the system can be carried out by a “TURBO” system.

The drying systems for salamis and hams with turbo system are particularly suitable for cured meats. The system is made of an air treatment unit composed of:
– A cooling unit, powered on with direct expansion or glycol water;
– A heating section working with either hot gas or hot water;
– A ventilated section with flow regulation valve, air supply and return ducts, cones or bags and adjustable return outlets.

In the implementation of the air circulation system, specific care is addressed to the achievement of uniform thermohygrometric conditions in order to reach an equal treatment for all the product stored. The drying systems are controlled and managed by a micro-processor that can be programmed and that steers all the several devices and allows to memorize and reproduce perfect drying cycles.

The tool can be connected to a system of PH detection allowing the management of the product acidification and data recording to carry out curves and tables of the PH trend: this allows the product standard repetition regardless of the different kinds of meats, different environmental conditions and/or room’s variable loads. It is furthermore possible to connect it with core probes to detect product temperature and with load cells that enable recording of weight variations. If you need more information on costs and method for the drying systems, or if you want to request a survey at your premises, please contact our ztaff !

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