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Costumized Solutions


Both in case of new structures and in case of requalification of the existing systems, the “industrial cooling” has no secret for us!

Planning, extension or reconversion of the cooling lines are complex interventions which, if properly handled by expert hands, can lead to deep improvement in terms of productive cycle and energy saving: implementing a system of industrial refrigeration is much more than a simple adjustment to the current legislation. Fifty years of experience at your service, offering customized solutions in the industrial cooling.

That is why, beyond the technical implementation, we like giving our work a consulting approach. By realizing business-friendly systems, in fact, the only way to turn the initial expense into investment is to provide support, consulting and assistance in the industrial cooling for all the length of the project (and further).

Planning & Implementation


Choosing Novelli’s systems means choosing a full support in each phase of the implementation of the new refrigeration systems or renovation of obsolete systems or systems not compliant with the  legal standards of the industrial cooling:

  • Preliminary analysis of the technical feasibility of a project
  • Planning of systems
  • Assistance during the whole path of planning and enhancement of the project
  • Free quotation
  • Support in the search for sources of possible financing
  • Technical coordination
  • Internal implementation of devices and machineries of the systems, by equipped technical laboratory
  • Installation on client’s premises by its own specialized staff
  • Test and staff training for the use of the systems
  • Post-sales technical support
  • Possible service of remote support
  • Customized maintenance contracts

Contact us and we will show to you the quality of our consulting on the implementation of refrigeration systems for the industrial cooling.

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